The New Shop! And The New Drop!

The New Shop! And The New Drop!

Hey All!

We've been working hard to redesign the Stumpt merch store and create some fun new designs! Personally, I'm loving the new visual look of it. It's a lot more fun and has a lot more personal touches of Stumpt designs all over it. But I'd love to hear what you all think of it (especially if y'all run into any issues with it!)

I also wanted to update you all on our thoughts on how we're going to use this store going forward! We plan to have more seasonal drops of new merch, with this store only being open for a short period of time with each of these drops. 

Right now we're in our Fall 2022 drop, and we plan to keep the store open until around Halloween. Then we'll close for a bit until we get closer to the Holladay's.

Lastly, I wanted to tease that before this current Fall 2022 drop ends, we'll be releasing a couple of other items. A spooky themed one, and one that is a bit more squishy. Be sure to keep your eyes on our socials for updates on those!

Until next time,